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Michael Daly Keith Chapman Chuck Rush  

Michael Daly
I am 61 and got back into sailing about 3 years ago.  I had done some sailing in college at Berkeley.  I went through the US Sailing Courses through Coastal Pasagemaking and have been chartering boats primarily during the summer.  I have sailed out of St. Petersburg Fl, Charleston and Newport.  I am based near Annapolis and have chartered boats for weekends in the bay.  My main experience is on monohulls ranging from 40 to 50'.  Last summer I chartered a Lipari catamaran and enjoyed the experience.  I am new to the sport but truly love being out on the water.  Last year I spent two separate weeks sailing from Newport to Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and the Elizabeth Islands on a 50' Jeanneau.  Until I retire my main enemy is lack of time.  So I decided to buy a day sailor and went for the Corasir 750 Dash.  The main reasons are that often when sailing in the bay I have had motor half the time on the monohulls because of lack of wind.  With this small trimaran I can go out solo until I meet people who would like to join me.  (I am new to the sailing community and none of my friends or colleagues sail).  It will move along quite well even in 5 or 6 knots, can go into very shallow areas and I can spend a night on the boat if I want to.  I would love to try racing but am a neophyte and will need to find a mentor.  If you have any suggestions let me know.  I don't have a picture of the boat yet because I won't receive it until the end of May.  It is fabricated in Vietnam.

Keith Chapman
My introduction to multihulls happened as a kid when my Dad took up a friendship with Dick Newick.  I was hooked.  We went on a lot of test sails on different multis in those days, but we never did buy anything to replace our Northstar 500 keelboat - that didn't really happen until I bought my F-27 in 2004.  I've sailed since I was a kid, but we were never a member of any yacht club and we didn't race.  I bought a really used Hobie-14 out of college, sailed that a bunch and upgraded to a Hobie-18 Magnum when I met my wife.  Since then I've traded up through the beach cats to where my main ride now is a Nacra-20.  As for racing, I hooked up with the Galesville beach cat thing back in '96 (Supercat Fleet-15) and played a part in growing the Tuesday night series (which became the WRCRA) to the point where we spilled over and the West River Sailing Club is now host to three beach cat one design fleets (although I am not a member there).  I've done a bunch of races with CRAC, mostly the distance races that used to be held on the Bay.  I've raced in the Tybee 500 twice (once not successfully...), and really enjoy running the Annapolis to Oxford and Hammond Memorial races on the 20.  I bought the F-27 to be a family day sailer/cruiser, and have never really had the urge to do much racing with it (although I never ruled it out).  However with the Corsair event scheduled this year on the Bay I figured it may be time to give that a try!  I also have an interest in doing the Leukemia Cup this year.  Russ has been trying mightily to get me out on the Magothy for Wednesday night races, maybe we'll see a bit of that this year as well.  I think Kiyoshi may have already done a preliminary rating for me based on info Russ had provided to him.  Mostly I've done a lot of day sailing (a lot of it single handed) on the F boat, and we keep her berthed on the Little Magothy here in Cape St. Claire.

Pictures - I have some of my boat already posted on the CMA Yahoo group - there's a folder of F-27 pics.  Also, if you check out on YouTube for stuff by Raisehull you'll find a bunch of stuff I've put out, mostly Nacra but some F-27.  Check out the WRCRA scene - www.wrcra.org for Tuesday night beach cat stuff.  Attached are two pics - one of my niece and two daughters out on a sail with me, the other is of Tri-Pawed anchored off the beach at the Little Magothy.

Sorry for the narcissistic run-on above, feel free to apply the scalpel...


Chuck Rush

Hi Everyone,
Hello and thanks for welcoming me into the club. A little background, I grew up sailing a Catalina 22 in Biscayne Bay, FL. I Attended USNA and sailed on the Offshore Racing team during the 4 years, highlighted by two Bermuda trips, a Marblehead-Halifax, and one particularly rum-soaked Block Island Race Week. I Spent the next 9 years flying US Navy P-3s around the world and crewing for other people whenever the opportunity arose.  I left active duty in '94 and have been living in Crofton MD, and working Herndon, VA ever since without doing any sailing, but a lot of driving.
Pat Hogan introduced me to Corsair's at the Annapolis boat show in 2004, and 6 years later Steve and Tanya Marsh of Finishline helped me purchase Condor, a 1999 F-28R #83 that had been home ported in the Keys.  I'm keeping the boat on the trailer with the mast stepped at Holiday Harbor in Mayo, and renaming her to Triple Point.  I'm currently shaking out the boat (spending money), learning multi-hulls (like don't go into irons when you only have a mainsail raised) and teaching my wife, Donna, son James, daughter Caitlyn and her boyfriend the joy of sailing. Once we get better, we'll do some racing and put up a good fight for "Last Over the Line Honors".
I look forward to seeing everyone out on the water.
Chuck Rush

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