2020 Racing Results

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Racing Schedule and Results

The 2020 racing schedule
2020 Final Cumulative Results



High  Point Long Distance Elapsed Time



Results Associated Event
5/9 NASS Spring Race to Oxford N Y Y AYC   Canceled  
5/22 Down the Bay Y Y Y HYC 404 Canceled  
5/23 Annapolis to Miles River Race Y Y Y MRYC 317 Canceled Raft-up
5/24 Miles River Race Back Y Y Y EYC 318  Canceled  
5/29-5/31 Southern Bay Race Week N N  Yx3 HYC 406/7 Canceled  
5/30 Leukemia Cup
N N N LLS 319  Results  
6/6 PSA Moonlight Race
Y Y Y PSA 203 Canceled  
6/6 CHESS Poplar Island
N N N CHESS TBD Results  


Northern Bay Race Week Yx3 N  Yx3 GSA 102/3 Canceled  
7/11 EYC Boomerang Y Y Y EYC 330 Results  
7/18 Race to Baltimore  Y Y Y BCYA 204  Results  
7/19 Star Spangled Classic Y N Y RCRA 205 Results  
7/31 Governor’s Cup Y Y Y SMCSA 340 Canceled Raft-up
8/15 CRAB Race N N N CHESS   Results  
9/12 NASS Race to Oxford Y Y Y NASS 353 Results  Raft-up
9/13 Hammond Memorial Race Y Y Y TAYC 356 Canceled
9/26 AYC Race to Solomons Y Y Y AYC TBD Results  
9/27 Cove Point Classic Y Y Y AYC TBD Results  
9/26 Havre de Grace Heffner Memorial Y Y Y HdGYC 107 Results  
10/3 PSA to Rock Hall
Y Y Y PSA 210 Results Raft-up


Northern Bay Race Week Yx3 N  Yx3 GSA 102/3 Results  
10/17 Baltimore Harbor Cup Y Y Y BCYA 212 Results  
10/18 Francis Scott Key
Y N Y RCRA 213 Results  

2020 Final Cumulative Results as of 10/19/2020
Elapsed Time A

Elapsed Time B
High Point A
High Point B
Long Distance A
Long Distance B

Please contact Doug Dykman if you have any questions.

Entry form for all races can be found on the CBYRA website at http://www.cbyra.org/Forms/2008-standardentryform.pdf

Detailed racing news, results, schedule and racing instructions for the Multihull class are available at  http://www.cbyra.org