Lin Kilmon Outstanding Service

One of CCMA’s (now CMA) founding members, Lin Kilmon, died on April 14, 1991. He was CMA’s second Commodore and along with Peter Abresch created CMA’s first constitution. Lin had also been Sail Captain of the Baltimore Yacht Club and Commodore of CBYCA. He was largely instrumental in obtaining CMA’s entry into CBYRA and CBYCA. The Lin Kilmon Memorial Service Award was established and will be awarded for Outstanding Service to CMA in appreciation of the years of effort that Lin devoted to CMA.

1992  Bob Ware 
1993  Herb Butler 
1994  Susan Smith 
1995  Hunky LaMotte 
1996  Ruth Sanchez-Way 
1997  Charles Jubb 
1998  Richard Tolson 
1999  Dave Way 
2000  Otto Scherer 
2001  Jere Glover 
2002  Barbara Beitscher / Brad Houghton 
2003  Kiyoshi Mizuuchi 
2004  Phillip Rappa 
2005  John Wayshner 
2006  Phillip Wadsworth 
2007  Gary Spesard 
2008  Terry Boram 
2009  Terry Boram 
2010  Doug Dykman 
2011  Kiyoshi Mizuuchi 
2012  Terry Boram 
2013  Dana Stoffregen 
2014  Jim Nealey 
2015  Michael Katz 
2016  Cem Karabekir 
2017  Jim Nealey 
2018  John Nicholson 
2019  John Enderle 
2020  John Enderle
2021  Jon Anthony