The Past Commodores’ Elapsed Time Trophy is to be awarded to the skipper achieving the best elapsed time performance during the season.  Points are awarded on the same basis as for the CBYRA high point scoring but for elapsed time instead of corrected time.  Scoring in at least 7 CMA sanctioned races (not just the CBYRA races) is required to qualify.  Races may be dropped as below:

Number of Races Completed Number of Dropped Raced Allowed
8 1
10 2
12 3

The Past Commodores’ Long Distance Trophy is to be awarded to the skipper achieving the best corrected time performance during the season in the longer point-to-point races.  Points are awarded on the same basis as the CBYRA High Point Series. All CMA sanctioned races with a NOR indicating a length of 20 miles or longer will be eligible for consideration.  The six longest of these with an actual course length of 20 miles or longer will be scored.  Race length will be determined by that reported on the Official Results Page of the race.  An individual competitor’s  best four results out of these six races will count.  If fewer than 6 races are 20 miles or longer, then the number of races will be appropriately decreased.  The eligible races will be determined by the Fleet Captain at the end of the season based upon the actual length of the races.

The number of awards for the above trophies will be determined as below:

Number of Qualifiers Number of Trophies
3 1
5 2
7 3
12 4
17 5

Each competitor is to be awarded no more than one CMA Past Commodores’ Award trophy for the season.  If, based on the raw score calculations, one or more competitor(s) are eligible for more than one trophy, the competitor(s) will choose which they wish to receive in rank order of the raw trophy award standings.

High Point Scoring Calculation:
Total Points Earned
High Point Score  =  ______________________________________________________
Total Maximum Points Possible + 30
Points Earned:    Minimum Race Length to Qualify: 4.0 miles
1 for Starting
1 for Finishing
1 for Every Boat Beaten
Bonus Points:
·      4 to   19.9 miles   0 Points
·    20 to   49.9 miles   5 Points
·    50 to   99.9 miles 10 Points
·  100 to 149.9 miles 12 Points
·  150 to 199.9 miles 14 Points
·  >= 200          miles 15 Points

Total Maximum Points Possible assumes coming in first in every event.
A boat must be recorded in at least 5 events to qualify.
A boat may discard 1 race after being recorded in at least 8 events.

High Point rules were extracted from the CBYRA 2009 Yearbook Pages 65, 69, and 75.

Some notes on scoring:

  • DNC is non-event. Thus, you do not get penalized for signing up for a race and then not participating.
  • DNF gives only one point for starting.
  • One must finish to get any bonus points.
  • RAF and DSQ are equivalent. Zero. Zip. Nada. No start or finish points. You eat the points for all the competitors. 
  • There are also some rules that say if a penalty is taken, it does not affect the positions of other competitors. Two boats can indeed have the same score